Gujarati Samaj Berlin e.V is a non-profit organization registered in Berlin, Germany. It is founded by Berlin residents who are connected to Gujarati culture. The organization aims to foster cultural exchanges between the Gujarati community and other communities in Berlin. The roots of Gujarati culture originate in the western Indian state of Gujarat that is known for its peace-loving and business-savvy citizens, Gir Asiatic lions and colorful festivals. As much as they are known to positively integrate in the society they live in, the Gujaratis are also keen ambassadors of their home cultures. Gujarati Samaj Berlin e.V intends to contribute towards Berlin’s cultural richness and diversity by bringing some of the key cultural festivities and practices to our fellow Berliners while also supporting the Gujarati community to actively assimilate themselves so as to help make Berlin a diverse, inclusive and progressive state.


Gujarati Samaj Berlin (GSB) was originally established in 2009 by considerable number of Gujaratis living in Berlin. Afterward number Gujarati people started to migrate from India to Germany especially in Berlin due to great opportunities in Academics, Engineering, and IT sector.

As per our survey, currently more than 2000 Gujaratis are living in Berlin in total, including students, working professionals, entrepreneurs, and business owners.

Navaratri event is the most successful event as always celebrated by Gujarati Samaj Berlin since 2009 with more 200 participants every year. After two greatly successful Navaratri events in 2018 and 2019 with more than 300 and 700 participants respectively, we initiated to think about to register this community as non-profitable organisation. And then in 2020 covid hit all over the world badly! During the lockdown in 2020, first time the idea to register this community as a non-profitable organisation discussed officially, and after getting great response to our first post-covid event “Navaratri 2021” by getting sold out 350 offline tickets only in 90 minutes in weekday, we got tremendous motivation from our beloved Gujaratis living in Berlin to make this community association a non-profitable organisation. Finally, the day came that Gujarati Samaj Berlin got the tag of “e.V.” at the end, and become Gujarati Samaj Berlin e.V.

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